The 2015 Space Symposium

The Space Symposium is a yearly opportunity for space industry professionals and space lovers alike to get together in Colorado Springs to discuss the past, present and future of their beloved industry.  Originally held in 1984, there were around 250 attendees there to discuss space, while this past year over 11,000 attended the event.  Every year these advocates of adventure get together to hear prominent speakers, discuss their passions and to recognize those who have spent their lives towards creating a better environment for exploration.

ICOSA Media was invited to attend the event, and asked to create a promotional piece for showing off all the fun and excitement to be found during the 3 day event.  Utilizing the new DJI Ronin, a handheld 3 axis gimbal, we were able to capture the magic of the night and bring one of the most interesting events in space exploration to you.