Story Time From Space Kickstarter Campaign Video

Story Time From Space is a fantastic nonprofit that's passionate about inspirational education, science, and space exploration. Having astronauts read science-minded children's books helps teachers and parents educate and encourage the next generation of astronauts, engineers, and scientists.

Last year, ICOSA Media was fortunate to be able to film interviews with the founders and help create their Kickstarter campaign video:

Since the original campaign, Story Time From Space has already achieved many great accomplishments, including sending 5 of Dr. Jeffrey Bennett's children's books to the International Space Station with the help of CASIS (

Parents and teachers can purchase Max Goes to the Moon ( and Max Goes to the International Space Station ( to read along with the astronauts.

Visit to watch the astronauts reading the books.

In another audacious educational mission, Story Time From Space organized student-minded science experiments to send up to the ISS. Unfortunately, rocket science is actually as hard as rocket science and the experiments blew up along with all the other cargo aboard SpaceX's last launch.

Fortunately, the group is not giving up. Patricia Tribe and the team are raising more support to rebuild and relaunch the science experiments. Please consider donating and sharing their GoFundMe page: